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 Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies released on Steam - Garm October 8th. - 2014

The new Zombie variant of Counter-Strike is now available on Steam. The game is characterized as a free to play MMOFPS that offers PvP and PvE and of course hordes of Zombies. CS Nexon Zombies is based on the original Counter-Strike and its content so you will recognize a lot of maps, weapons and game modes - just be aware that it's developed by the korean company Nexon and aimed at the asian market.

If you'd like a closer look, you can find the game on Steam here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/273110. A few screenshots and a CS Zombies Nexon trailer is avilable below:

 Valve introduces the Steam Music Player - Garm September 25th. - 2014

Valve has just relased the Steam Music Player to the Steam users, which recently crossed the 100 million active accounts mark.
The new music player allows you to add your own mp3 collection as well as various soundtracks from Steam based on your favorite games. Currently you can add the soundtracks from the Half-Life series, Portal, the Free to Play documentary and more (as long as you own the games).

Point Steam to the MP3s on your computer, then browse your collection of albums and artists. You'll also find your Steam Soundtracks DLC in your Steam Music library when the associated base game is installed. Listen to albums, queue up mixes, and create playlists you love, right in your Steam library. Best of all, it's all available right within the Steam Overlay, so you can control playback without leaving your game. The Steam Music library and player consist of all the basics you need to enjoy your music without switching tasks.
You can find the complete list by clicking the image above.

 CS:GO Dreamhack MVP video - Garm June 28th. - 2014

A video of the team NiP player f0rest has just been released and is worth a watch for any CS:GO player out there. The video features a series of impressive plays and frags from the recent Dreamhack Summer 2014 event where f0rest was awarded the MVP for his team.

So take a look at f0rest making it look easy:

 CS:GO update - changes to chickens! - Garm August 30. - 2013

Another update for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been released. Several bugs has been fixed, especially concerning sounds, and also a few changes based on pro feedback has been implemented. Interestingly, those changes evolve around the...chickens.

Read below for the full list:

- Added ability to rename a weapon’s name with a custom engraved nameplate via Name Tags.
- Simplified trading with other players by adding a Start Chat button to CS:GO profiles.

- Chicken changes based on pro feedback:
-- Reduced chicken sounds dBs and volume.
-- Reduced idle clucking rate.
-- Reduced range that scares chickens when running.

- Adjusted Weapon Case Key and Payback Pass prices for foreign currencies based on current international exchange rates.
- Fixed an issue causing poor rendering performance, especially for SLI/Crossfire users.
- Fixed M4A4 loadout selection not saving correctly between sessions.
- Fixed competitive round backups restoring M4A1-S as M4A4 and USP-S as P2000.
- Fixed observers seeing smoke screen overlay when a smoke grenade popped on their last alive position.
- Fixed bomb activate/plant/defuse sounds not playing if the bomb was out of view
- Fixed Payback Coin description incorrectly displaying the number of hours logged in game.
- Fixed missing localization for Payback map maker Coins.
- Fixed an empty item panel sometimes showing on the scoreboard.
- Fixed Elite world model physics.
- Added flipping sound to inspecting the Desert Eagle.

 CS:GO mapmaker in risk of getting fined $50.000 - Garm April 19. - 2013

In an age where terrorism is on the agenda and in the media in most parts of the world, even the creations of a Counter-Strike map maker can draw attention. Canadian Diego Liatis recently realized this, when he was suddenly facing a potential lawsuit after creating a map based on Montreals Berri-UQM metro station.

Liatis had been working on the map for 9 months, but was contacted by Montreal city's transit authorities after uploading a trailer from the map to Youtube in early 2013. The letter mentioned the copyrighted metro network and said they feared the map might "create panic among the city's public transit users."

Further, they warned him that releasing the map would result in a lawsuit of $50.000 plus court cost. Liatis has since been trying to gather support online and through the media and is considering the option of going to court.

You can see a video from the map below:

 CS:GO new pro tip video - Garm August 7. - 2013

Another Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro tip video from Curse adreN has been released and is worth checking out - especially if youre a Dust2 fan. This video is all about retaking the B site, once it's lost to enemies. adreN goes through the tactical approach, the usual spots enemies will be in and the correct angles for using grenades. Check out the video below and you'll be well on your way to retaking bombsite B in your next game!

 CS:GO mapmaker in risk of getting fined $50.000 - Garm April 19. - 2013

In an age where terrorism is on the agenda and in the media in most parts of the world, even the creations of a Counter-Strike map maker can draw attention. Canadian Diego Liatis recently realized this, when he was suddenly facing a potential lawsuit after creating a map based on Montreals Berri-UQM metro station.

Liatis had been working on the map for 9 months, but was contacted by Montreal city's transit authorities after uploading a trailer from the map to Youtube in early 2013. The letter mentioned the copyrighted metro network and said they feared the map might "create panic among the city's public transit users."

Further, they warned him that releasing the map would result in a lawsuit of $50.000 plus court cost. Liatis has since been trying to gather support online and through the media and is considering the option of going to court.

You can see a video from the map below:

 Check out the Global Offensive Maps Workshop - Garm February 14. - 2013

A new feature has been added to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive community. Every map freak - or anyone getting tired of too much Dust 2 - will be happy with Valves latest announcement; the Global Offensive Maps Workshop!

With the Map Workshop you can find new maps, vote for favorites and subscribe to any map or game mode that you'd like. Steam will automatically download the map, and update it whenever the author makes a change. Workshop maps can used in quickmatches, private matches through Play With Friends, or even offline with bots.

Map makers can specify a wide range of gameplay-affecting settings. Stick to the standard CS formula, or create a totally new experience for players. Don't worry about trying something new or testing a unique feature because you can update your maps as often as you'd like. Players and servers that have subscribed will automatically get all new updates!
The map workshop already features a wide range of maps and more is being added continuously. Below you'll find high rated action maps (aim map and aim deagle) as well as de_cambodia, a more aestethic map.

af Ceyx

 CS: Global Offensive updated - Garm February 4. - 2013

As you might have noticed, Valve recently released another update to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. If you are a fan of the Deagle (who isn't?) it's bad news for you as it has now been nerfed. Besides that the patch contains various improvements for the GOTV feature.

Full changelog below:

- Nerfed the Deagle.
- Added a feature to spectate friends games via GOTV.
-In 'Play With Friends,' if a friend is on an official matchmaking server the WATCH option will appear next to their name.
- DM immunity changes:
-Default immunity was raised to 10s.
-Moving cancels immunity.

[ MISC ]
- Fixed dedicated server memory leak.
- Reserved server with connected GOTV spectators will hold reservation after all players disconnected for at least TV delay time to allow spectators to watch the match to the end.
- Added convar sv_hibernate_punt_tv_clients to also punt lingering TV spectators after all players disconnected and at least TV delay time elapsed.
tv_snapshotrate will now correctly adjust client-side rates automatically for smooth spectating experience.
- Added convar tv_relayradio, 0 = off, 1 = relay team radio commands to GOTV (default value = 0).
- Added convar tv_relaytextchat, 0 = off, 1 = relay "say" chat only, 2 = relay "say" and "say_team" chat to GOTV (default value = 1).
- Team kills and team damage is now preserved for players in competitive games across disconnects and reconnects.
- Fixed a regression in naming of tv_autorecord demo files.

 CS: Global Offensive improvements - Garm August 31. - 2012

It's been 10 days since Valve officially released Counter-Strike Global Offensive onto Steam and today we see another big update for the game. Besides the usual bugfixes and gameplay improvements the User Interface and spectator mode stands out with some significant changes. Valve has added a UI that will show both teams active weapon, player name, health, armor, etc, when spectating a 10 player match. Also added is an X-ray vision so dead observers can see their own teammates through walls.

Take a look at the new spectator feature below:

[ Gameplay ]
- Adjusted footstep volume fade out and maximum audible distance to match source/1.6.
- Increased default Casual match length to 15 rounds.
- Fixed an issue that caused the AWP to zoom to the wrong level after reloading.
- Tuned flinch aimpunch values.
- Fixed a bug in the penetration code that incorrectly determined the exit spot as being not solid when it was which allowed penetrating much further than it should have.

[ UI ]
- Added x-ray vision of own teammates for dead players.
- Added new spectator UI that shows both team’s active weapon, player name, health, armor, etc, when spectating a 10 player match.
- Added a new convar "sv_competitive_official_5v5" that:
o Forces a match to display 5v5 scoreboards regardless of maxplayers setting ( Allows setting maxplayers to 12 to allow spectators into a 5v5 match ).
o Allows connected spectators to see both teams in x-ray.
- Added support for international characters in play with friends lobby chat.
- Fixed an issue that caused the mouse cursor to reset its mouse position when clicking on the UI when the window didn't have focus.
- Fixed being able to open the radio menu when you were an observer.
- You can't toggle the scoreboard in half-time now
- Fixed the scoreboard win animation firing before the scoreboard was told to come up in the end match state and was usually missed
- The countdown timer now flashes prior to the start of a match.

[ General ]
- Reduced frequency of polling server console to save CPU.
- Fixed a rare crash when applying decals.
- Significantly improved precision of dedicated server frames to match tickrate.
- Clamped dedicated server fps to match quantized tickrate.
- Fixed two exploits. One that would allow players to see out of smoke with much more clarity than players could see them if they were boosted up while inside the smoke volume. Also made the smoke a tad shorter/smaller. Two, fixed players being able to see through a few trains out of the corner of their screens on de_train and de_train_se. Thanks Volcano.
- Fixed messages in scoreboard overlapping at end match.
- To pass a vote in competitive mode, all eligible voters minus one must now vote yes

[ Community Servers ]
- Fixed cases when values of some convars set on community servers would not correctly replicate to clients.
- Game modes configuration file now specifies cfg files to exec instead of keyvalue pairs of convars to make it easier for server operators to configure their game modes. To tweak game modes it would be sufficient to provide gamemode_competitive_server.cfg and _server.cfg files for other game modes which will exec after stock cfg files.
- Linux: running srcds_run with -autoupdate will now update the server during hibernation, in addition to changelevel.
- Fixed an issue that was limiting connectivity to community servers to only 25 players.
- Deprecated mp_ggtr_rounds_per_half. Use mp_maxrounds instead.
- Changed timelimit matches to stop at round end instead of exactly when the limit expires.

 Huge CS: Global Offensive beta update - Garm August 11. - 2012

Valve has released a new update for the beta version of the upcoming Counter-Strike sequel, Global Offensive. This humongous update is full of tweaks and changes. Bots on lower levels are now less likely to make perfect hits on moving/strafing targets, while upper level bots has increased difficulty. There are also many changes to the weapons, including increased recoil on AK47 and reduced strength of the flashbang. On top of that, is a long list of UI, maps and audio tweaks as well as bug fixes.

The main gameplay and weapon changes are listed below - head over to Steampowered for the complete list.

• Update to bot aiming system. Players should see a substantial decrease in the ability of bots to get perfect shots on moving targets, especially at lower difficulty levels. Bots now can react poorly (or well) to enemies that are dodging/strafing, and also must now account for their own movement while shooting.
• Moved the setting of maxplayer from maps to modes in gamemodes.txt.
• Increased Casual money rewards, per Beta feedback.
• The difficulty of the upper tier bots has been increased.
• Updating movement values to community vetted numbers. Thanks Wombo!

• The max penetration distance has been increased to 7.5 feet.
• Increased recoil of the AK-47.
• Slightly lowered recoil and increased accuracy of the Famas.
• Increased armor penetration and increased damage of the MP7.
• Increased damage and increased movement speed of the SSG08.
• Decreased accuracy of the Tec-9.
• Increased damage of the UMP45.
• Fixed the “quick switch exploit” that allowed players to bypass slow weapon cycle times by switching weapons.
• Increased the duration of the AWP deploy animation to 1.25 seconds.
• Reduced the strength of the flashbang.
• Berettas no longer shift horizontally when their accuracy changes.
• The SSG08 texture has been updated.
• Added rumble effect to knife.
• Fixed grenades becoming stuck on players or inside them when thrown from within a player volume.
• Changed grenades to bounce more realistically off of players.
• Players should no longer be able to boost off of grenades.
• Reduced the opacity core radius for player standing inside a smoke grenade.

 CS: Global Offensive update - Garm May 22. - 2012

Another update to the upcoming Counter-Strike sequel, Global Offensive, has been released to the beta players. Changes include some weapon tweaks (pistols mainly), added support for 30 players on all maps and bug fixes. Oh yes, and chickens has been added to Inferno!

Full changelog below:

• Updated weapons based on performance metrics:
- Slightly increased the damage for the fiveseven to keep it on par with other pistols.
- Lowered the max width of the recoil patterns for the MG's to make them better for their price point.
- Lowered the spread on the Negev to be more in line with the m249.
• Improvements have been made to burst fire and tapping.
• Added player spawns to all maps to support up to 30 players.
• Player spawns are now randomly selected from a prioritized list of spawn locations in order to better support more players per map.
• Adjusted bot behavior to fix the “antline” looking behavior.
• Added support for server operators to specify tick rate with the –tickrate parameter.
• Physics simulation tick rate now set to be the same as the game tick interval.
• Bullet tracers have had improvements made to speed, visual effect, and frequency.
• Chickens added to Inferno

• The Server Browser sorts Favorites and Lan tabs by ping rather than Tags.
• The radar will no longer display an ‘X’ for dying players when they are not within sight of the player or player’s teammate.
• Weapons with a burst mode will now show which state the gun is in on the ammo panel.
• Input device is now locked to whatever device launched the game session.
• Updated the Kevlar and Kevlar + Helmet buy menu images.
• Updated the Domination icons.

• Footsteps update position more often by shifting position determination to client side entity tracking.
• Tuned ambient sounds in most maps

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug with individual pistol round-based achievements. They can only be earned in Classic game mode now.
• Fix for changing video settings while in game sometimes causing a deadlock.
• Added a popup message triggered when a player attempts to initiate a vote on a server with voting disable.
• Fixed bug where player's nav area would be reported as being on the floor below them causing the radar location to be displayed incorrectly.
• Fixed several UI related crash issues.
• Third party map and _SE map names no longer display in the scoreboard with the #SFUI_MAP_ localization token.

 CS: Global Offensive beta update - Garm March 6. - 2012

A new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive update has just been released and it's packed with goodies. Especially the weapons department has a lot of new stuff, such as the MP9, Mac10 and Five-Seven handgun. Several other fixes and additions have also made their way into the game.

Take a look at the full changelog below:


• Added new weapons:
- MP9
- Mac10
- P90
- Five-Seven

• Fixed bug that sometimes prevented players from buying grenades
• Made recoil reset after cooldown period, regardless of whether it is full

• Changed weapon availability:
- Both Ts and CTs can buy the Bizon and MP7.
- CTs may now buy MP9.
- Ts may now buy Mac10.
- Five-Seven is now available to both teams.


• Fixed numerous aesthetic bugs reported in the forums.
• Fixed many instances of players being able to access map areas that should be off limits.
• Fixed several places in which players could get stuck.

• Added thumbnail in map selection UI for de_nuke.
• Updated task bar icon to new one for CS:GO.
• Removed kill notification in kill cam that shows you as your own killer when you suicide

• Brought all ambient audio to the same level.
• Edited knife hit sound to be more universal for all surfaces.

• Unlocked server fps to it runs at the default limit of 300.
• Corrected default viewmodel offsets for listen servers.
• Fixed problem with using autoexec.cfg or launch options to execute config files.
• Removed ‘buy defuser’ and ‘buy c4’ console commands for Ts.
• Fixed problem with error message showing when pressing F5 to take a screenshot during kill cam.
• Corrected some localization errors.

 Steam Mobile App available - Garm March 2. - 2012

The recently mentioned Steam mobile app is now available for iOS and Android. The App gives you access to your Steam account so you can read the latest news, stay in contact with your Steam buddies, share screenshots and more. Grab it from http://www.steampowered.com/mobile

 CS: Global Offensive patch - Garm February 25. - 2012

A fresh patch for the upcoming Counter-Strike Global Offensive has just been released. Several fixes and adjustments based on feedback from the players has been added to the game - for instance you can no longer do grenade spam and kevlar/helmet can now be bought separately. Check out all the changes below:

- Made Kevlar and helmet purchasable separately.
- Made defuse kits buyable.
- Based on pro feedback, fixed grenade spamming from the buyzone by limiting buy of one of each grenade type per round.
- Fixed many instances reported in forums of players being able to access areas that should be inaccessible.
- Fixed several issues with transparent walls / other elements.
- Fixed a few instances of incorrect effects associated with materials (sparks on plastic, etc.).
- Fixed some problems with the bomb being able to float in mid-air after being planted.

- Made bots less prone to getting stuck in certain areas.
- Tuned bot difficulty. They should be initially less deadly now.

- Made international characters display correctly in the UI.
- Redesigned win panel and made it team-specific.
- Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to remain over dead players sometimes.
- Fixed bug that caused player ID chevrons to linger when the pause menu was up.
- Addressed many UI issues that could occur when playing the game in standard definition
- Fixed the screen resize options screen.
- Adjusted the bombsite markers on the radar for some maps to reflect their locations more accurately.
- Fixed issue that sometimes caused death notices to overlap with mini-scoreboard.

- Added new music for the front end.
- Added new music for many in-game events.
- Fixed deathcam music playing twice in competitive mode.
- Addressed issue with front end music not stopping when playing via a CONNECT command
- Made some more adjustments to volume level of footsteps on various surfaces.
- Tuned ambience levels for all maps.

- Changed quickmatch to de_train

 Steam hacker investigation continues - Garm February 11. - 2012

Valve softwares Gabe Nevell has just released a message to the CS and Steam community concerning the intrusion in the Steam databases that took place last year. Nevell still claims that no critical data has been compromised and that the investigation continues with outside security experts:

Recently we learned that it is probable that the intruders obtained a copy of a backup file with information about Steam transactions between 2004 and 2008. This backup file contained user names, email addresses, encrypted billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. It did not include Steam passwords.

We do not have any evidence that the encrypted credit card numbers or billing addresses have been compromised. However as I said in November it's a good idea to watch your credit card activity and statements. And of course keeping Steam Guard on is a good idea as well.

We are still investigating and working with law enforcement authorities. Some state laws require a more formal notice of this incident so some of you will get that notice, but we wanted to update everyone with this new information now.
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