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 Counter-Strike Links

Official Counter-Strike Sites
The official counter-strike site! You can download the latest CS version, but regular news is rarely posted anymore.
One of the leading CS newssites in the US. Updated daily by rizzuh and his crew.
Assistance for old and new server-admins.
Map site working on some CS map packs.
The official bot a bot and play offline.
Cool Counter-Strike art.
The official Counter-Strike Radio show (no more shows as of February 2003).
The official forums. Discuss everything CS here.

Counter-Strike Related
The official Condition Zero website.
Huge Half-Life site with daily updates - includes CS.
Very extensive german page.
Counter-Strike for the swedish people.
The Austrian CS ressource.
The swiss CS site.
Large CS link database - contains more than 5000 sites.
Nice site with a handful of hosted sites too.
Counter-Strike art from the talented MorpheuS.

Allround CS site...has a lot of content.

British site always up to date with news from the CS world.
The largest CS skin site on the net.
Former Geekboys site. This is the number one community site connecting players from all over the world. You'll find news, demos and interesting articles here.
Clanbase is a popular ladder for the CS clans.
The Cyberathlete Professional League (CPL).
Cyberathlete Professional League - European Division.
Cyberathlete Amateur League (CAL) - online gaming tournaments in North America.

Counter-Strike Clans

3D - Desire Discipline Dedication
aAa - Against All Authority
DkH - Deutschlands kranke Horde
Esports United
mTw - mortal Team work
SK - Schroet Kommando
zX9 - nin9 eXiled zealots

Half-Life 2
A newssite for the sequel to Half-Life.
Nice site with focus on HL2 news and modding.
All-embracing Half-life site, TFC, CS, DoD, HL2.

Host of this site! An excellent danish gamesite which is updated every day and keeps you informed about gaming news for both PC and consoles - visit them immediately.
They have it all: previews, reviews, news, downloads.
Voodooextreme is one of the largest gamesites on the net, and brings the latest news every day.
Another excellent gamesite.
Large allround game and hardware site - definitely worth a visit.
Very popular game and community site - participate in the debate or download the latest demo.
Gamesite covering all the huge cybersport events.
Tomshardware is a great site where youŽll find hardware news, tests, benchmarks and all kinds of hardware related material.
Mainly news with some useful tweak guides as well.
Informative and frequent hardware tests can be found here - CPU, Graphic cards, Motherboards etc.
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