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 Counter-Strike Servers

There's several useful programs which help you to keep track of your servers. You'll find more info on the three most used servertools below:

Tracker (also known ass "Friends") is Valve softwares very own tool which enables you to easily add servers to your favorite list or sort servers by map, pingtime, players and so on. Tracker differs from other server browsers with its instant messaging feature making it possible to send a message to your friends even when you play on different servers. Tracker is a part of Steam which is Valves content delivery system and will be included when CS 1.6 is released.

Gamespy 3D is propably the most used server browser world wide and it goes way back in the history. Gamespy 3D has regular updates and supports all popular online games - not only Counter-Strike. The program includes the most common features such as server filtering/sorting, favorites list and a buddy list so you can easily spot where your friends are playing.

The All-seeing Eye is another popular server tool known for it's speed and user-friendly interface. All-Seeing Eye has of course all the standard functions such as server filtering, buddy list etc. and you can even see which country a server is physically located in. All in all this tool is a great alternative and might be the right choice for you.
Remember that CS has its own in-game server list as well but it's very basic and you wont be able to spot where your friends are playing.

Now that we've gone through the server programs let's look at how to find servers. There's basically two ways to find good servers. If you're using one of the above mentioned programs you'll have the ability to refresh a huge list of servers and then adding some of them to your favorites list. After you've refreshed the entire list it's useful to sort the servers by ping to see which ones there are actually playable for you.
The second way to find servers is adding an IP directly into your server program. It's a must that the servers are located near you, otherwise you might ping them way to high making the game almost unplayable. Ask your friends for IP's or search the net - perhaps your own Internet Service Provider offers some servers for their customers too?

Below is a few links to sites offering Counter-Strike servers:

Boomtown Server List (Danish - client required) Server List (UK)
FragZone Server List (Swedish)
Fragworld Server List (British) (Swedish)
UKTerrorists Servers (UK)
Jubii Games Server List (Danish)

If you're interested in running your own server, you can find more info at which is an exellent ressource for server admins.
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