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 Miscellaneous Files

Gamespy3D (1.6 MB)

Find lowping servers and locate your friends with the build-in buddy list. A must for gamers. Read more about server tools in the Servers section.

Gamespy Tab (1 KB)

Makes sure you only see counter-strike servers in Gamespy.

Mirc 6.03 (1.11 MB)

A chat program very used among onlinegamers and clans.

The Allseeing Eye (? MB)

Prog to keep hold of your gameservers.

CS 1.5 High FPS Models (6.3 MB)

Low polygon models that improves your FPS (frames per second). Use them if you play from an old PC.

HL-IRC (23 KB)

Chat in IRC through the Counter-Strike console while playing.

Half-Life Key Manager (329 KB)

Danish program to switch your CD-keys.

HL CD-Key Changer (133 KB)

Another small program to change your CD-Keys - this one in english.

CS cursors (10 KB)

CS cursors for windows.

The CS font (35 KB)

The official CS font.

Geekplay 4.0 (10 KB)

A great demo tool from Geekboys.

Valve Hammer Editor 3.4 (1.9 MB)

Start making your own maps with this prog.

Counter-Strike FGD (3.x) (84 KB)

This is the Counter-Strike game data file for use with Hammer Editor 3.x.

Counter-Strike Expert FGD (3.x) (117 KB)

Same as above but with advanced configurations.
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