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 Assault2k review

By Garmer

The original Assault by CryptR has always been included in Counter-Strike. A remake is complete, and offer us the new Assault2k. What else can I do, than review it?

Map stats:

 Type:............Hostage Rescue
 Size:.............3.43 MB
 Bsp Name:....cs_assault2k.bsp

 Download Assault2k (1.79 MB)

A hole bunch of things has changed since the original Assault. First of all the scenario has changed to dark night. It doesnīt really give the CTīs an advantage, but perhaps the Tīs wont be able to see them aproach the main entrance.

New textures has also been added, some of them better than others. Itīs a matter of taste if you like them.

Telnets has improved the map by making a lot of small changes. The hostage room has been expanded, but unfortunately itīs still possible to do some nasty camping inthere! The camera feature where itīs possible to see the enemy remains, but there arenīt 3 cams anymore...only one for each team. They give a great overview though.
Another thing Iīm very pleased with is the new backdoor. Itīs quite wider now which opens up for some possibilities for the Counter-Terrorists. In the original Assault you could only enter one at a time, and usually the Terrorists could take you down one by one if several people used the backdoor. But in Assault2k everybody can enter at the same time. Also the new backdoor can only be opened from the outside...

The hostage room

CTīs camera

The new backdoor

The main entrance has also been modified a little. When you enter thereīs a ladder to your left which you can climb. Itīs nice for the CTīs since they donīt need to walk all the way through the hall to get on a higher platform. If you enter from the main, thereīs also a car which can be used to hide from snipers (you canīt enter it, but you can sit behind it).

In the original Assault you could guard the air tunnel easily. If you camped it with an AWP you could kill people the second they stepped into it. The air tunnel in Assault2k has been added some svings, so people are not able to camp it easy anymore.

Compared to the old Assault, the remake is more even for the teams. The CTīs has some new options when they enter the building. The three entrances should make the life much easier for them, especially if they enter at the same time.
Opposite the original Assault, Assault2k makes a decent map for Clanwars. If the clan do some good teamplay, it should be possible to win as a CT :-)

Thereīs also a little humor in the map, which adds another plus. Apparently Telnets wanted his own avenue, and do some commercial...

cs_docks - next right

Watch out for crime!

Telnets avenue conclusion. As you might have noticed, I find Assault2k very neat. Most of the changes are to the better, but in the bottom itīs still Assault (which is a good thing). Iīm sure this map will be found on a lot of servers in the near future, so you better start practising. This map is a "must have", and I can definitely recommend it. I would rate it about 8/10.

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