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 Beta7 review

By Garmer

Beta7 has finally been released, after some delays. The time between the release of Beta 6.6 and this one, has been longer than usual. But there's also a lot of new stuff from Gooseman in Beta7, and therefore the expectations are quite high. Let's find out if they were too high.

The new weapons

A new knife has found its way into Beta7. Say hello to the SEAL Knife 2000 (SOG Model 37).


Besides the new look, Gooseman has added a secondary knife attack. The primary attack is much faster now, but doesnīt give much damage. The secondary attack is a slow, but powerfull stab. It could be very usefull if you manage to sneak upon a camper. Unless he wears a kewlar you should be able to kill him with a singe stab. But hey...itīs still just a knife and it wont do much for you in battle!

The second new weapon is the very discussed Dual Berretas. Many CS players believe this weapon is to much "John Woo style" and it didnīt belong in CS. The Berretas costs $1000, which is a little expensive compared to the rest of the handguns. Each Berreta can hold 15 rounds (30 rounds for both), and 120 rounds reserved. When you use the Berretas you should always watch your ammo. The reload time is quite high (about 4.5 seconds), and could easily get you in trouble. The accuracy is average, but I would definitely prefer another pistol on distance. If you use fast fire, the recoil will also be a problem for your accuracy.
The Berretas has no secondary fire, and overall I donīt really find them effective. They are cool if you want to show off, but Iīll stick with the good olīGlock 18.

The new maps

There are five new maps in Beta7: cs_office, as_highrise, cs_arabstreets, de_foption & de_vegas. They all offer some good shootouts, but you might not like some of them. They seem to be even for both teams, but I found that as_highrise was a little to difficult for the CTīs. There are some neat new textures among the maps, but still I found some spots which really need to be pepped up, since they are very monotonous and boring. Overall the maps are worthy to be in CS, but none of them get anywhere near de_dust in looks or gameplay!






Some of the old CS maps has been reedited a little. Cobble and estate slightly, but cs_siege has been remaked in B7 to the better (in my opinion). The map itself is the same, but it has a ton of new textures. It is also possible to download a version of cs_siege, where you can drive the APC!
Speaking of driving...a vehicle test map has also been included in Beta7, de_jeepathon 2000 I donīt really know what to think about the vehicles in B7. It seems like good fun, but on the other hand I donīt believe they fit into CS. Anyway...weīll just have to see what happens in the future.

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