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 CS version 1.0 Review

By Garmer

Hurray.....the first "real" version of CS has been released - a big congratz to Goose & Cliffe. If you haven't downloaded Counter-Strike yet, you can find it in our download section. The update from Beta 7.1 to 1.0 is 23.4 MB, and the full installation file is "only" 82 MB.
But enough talk, let's get to business!

- added three new weapons: (H&K UMP .45, FN Five-Seven, & SIG SG-550)
- redone player models
- incorporated Valve's model blending technology
- left beta stages

As you can see, the list of changes isn't very long this time, but they still look quite interesting. Three new guns found its way into CS 1.0, and the G3/SG-1 is still available for both teams. Click here for a 1.0 weapon overview. The first new weapon is the Five-seveN handgun. The advantage in the 5-7 lies in the accuracy. It can be very accurate even on distance, but gives of course a small amount of damage. The 5-7 costs $750 and has 20 rounds per clip, which is 8 more than the USP, and the same as the Glock. A test at firingsquad shows that the 5-7 gives 20 damage to an un armored opponent, and around 13 to an armored. The 5-7 is neither worse or better than the rest of the pistols.....a gun is a gun i guess!

Moving on to the UMP .45. This gun is avilable for both CTs & Ts as a alternative to the MP5. The UMP costs $1700 which is 200 more than the MP5...still cheap though. It carries 25 rounds per clip and a max of 100 in reserved ammo, but due to the low rate of fire (600 RPM) it wont use the ammo as fast as the MP5. It will give around 14 damage to an armored, and 30 to an un- armored which is acceptable. It's difficult to conclude if the UMP is better than the MP5, since it depends on the situation. They both come from Heckler & Koch, but are different in speed and power. If you want a weapon with a high ROF you should go with the MP5. If you want power and high damage rate, you should choose the UMP.

The last weapon introduced in CS 1.0 is the SIG SG-550 Sniper. The new SIG is a Counter-Terrorists only weapon, even though the G3/SG-1 still is available. It holds 30 rounds per clip, and a max of 90 reserved ammo. Thats 10 more rounds compared to the G3/SG-1, so running out of ammo wont be a problem. Except from the price - $4200 - the SIG is quite similar to the G3/SG-1. The same rate of fire, the same reload time, and if I may say it - the same uselessness. Perhaps its my skills, but Im having a really hard time hitting anybody with semi-automatic rifles, possible due to the high recoil. Anyway...the SIG 550 will give from around 30 - 50 damage per hit, which is pretty much the same as (you guessed it) - the G3/SG-1.

I can't help beeing a little disappointed concerning the new weapons. None of them has something new to offer, and theyre all copies of already existing weapons (almost). Either of them will change the way CS is played, and thats a shame.

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