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 Counter-Strike 1.3 de_Inferno review - June 2 - 2001

By Garmer

Counter-Strike version 1.3 is set to be released next month, and as an addition to the eventual new maps, it features some changes in the already existing maps. One of the changed maps is the very popular de_inferno, which was included in CS 1.1. This review shows you which changes are made, and also has a little interview with the creator of de_inferno, Barny (aka N@rby).

 Name:..........de_inferno (CS 1.3 version) 
 Author:.........Barny (aka N@rby)
 Size:.............3.40 MB
 Bsp Name:....de_inferno_build22.bsp

 Download the new Inferno (1.93 MB)

The original Inferno was quite a small map with 2 bombspots and one way to each. In the new version a third way has been added, meaning there's 3 ways for the attacker which is best known from dust2. In the overview below I've tried to draw the third way: (original pic from cs2D)

As you can see the new path has several entrances, and gives the Terrorists several new options. The path leads all the way to the secondary bombspot, ending on a balcony. In my oppinion the hallway looks a little empty an unfinished (see the screenshots), but Barny lets me know, this is the finished version which might be in CS 1.3.
Besides the new path the primary bombspot (CT spawn) has been moved further to the right, which means it will be tougher for the CT's to defend both bombspots due to the longer distance between them. The last change is a small shortcut from the CT spawn to the secondary bombspot. All in all there's a lot of new ways which makes it possible to fall in the back of your enemy. Whether this is a good improvement or not is hard to judge. I think there's a tendency to make the Counter-Strike maps larger all the time, which doesn't necessary makes an improvement. The only small map left in CS now is the original Dust, and that's a shame cause I think people actually enjoy playing small maps once in a while.

Even though the original Inferno could be difficult for the T's, it was extremely popular. I wondered why it should be changed and got this little interview with Barny:

Since de_inferno are one of the most popular maps from CS 1.1 then why change it ?

It was slightly bias to CT, and encouraged T camping on a defusion map.

Why did you make a "third attack way" and moved one of the bombspots -could this improve the gameplay/teamplay on the map ?

The changes have been made to make online and LAN based cs leagues fairer to both teams. The old inferno had issues of CT camping and made it very difficult for T's to get a good run.

How much further work does Inferno need (how far are you with the work in percent) ?

So there we have it from the mapper himself. This should be the finished version of Inferno and if the playtest goes smooth it will be included in CS 1.3.
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