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 Counter-Strike Commands

These commands can be used to change various settings in CS. A full command listing can be found here.

"Command" is what you write in the console.
"Type" can be either server or client - server is a setting that can only be made by an administrator, and client is meant for the users/players.
"Function" describes what the command is used for.

Command Type Function
adjust_crosshair Client Changes the color of your crosshair
con_color Client Changes the HUD color, e.g con_color "256 256 256" (RGB).
cl_corpsestay X Client X is the time in seconds for how long corpses will stay on the ground. If set to 0 corpses will dissappear immediately.
cl_dynamiccrosshair 1 Client 1 to use a crosshair that changes size when you jump, crouch etc. If set to 0 it will only change size when firing a weapon.
cl_hidefrags 1 Client 0 to see everybodys fragcount, 1 to hide
cl_minmodels 1 Client 1 ensures that you only see a minimum of models (leet, gign, vip) which saves memory. 0 makes you see all models.
cl_observercrosshair 1 Client Use 1 to see crosshair in observer mode, 0 to disable
cl_righthand 1 Client set to 1 for righthand weapons, 0 for lefthand
cl_showfps 1 Client Shows frames per second
drawradar Client Turns the radar on
fastsprites X Client x = 0 : regular transparent smoke grenade sprites
x = 1 : simple transparent smoke grenade sprites
x = 2 : VERY simple transparent smoke grenade sprites
fps_max (0-100) Client Sets maximum frames per second
gunsmoke Client Well...smoke from your gun!
hideradar Client Turns the radar off
hud_centerid 0 Client 1 to center Auto-ID, 0 to use the botom left corner
max_shells X Client Sets the maximum number of shells. Lower to improve FPS.
max_smokepuffs X Client Sets the maximum number of smokepuffs. Lower to improve FPS.
rate X Client Controls the amount of information you receive from the server. Set to 1500-3000 for modem, ISDN 5000, DSL or higher 5000 - 9999.
setinfo_cl_autowepswitch 1 Client Use 1 to automatically switch to a greater weapon when you pick it up - 0 to disable.
setinfo ah 1 Client Use 1 to enable auto-help, 0 to disable
setinfo dm 1 Client Set to 1 to receive map briefings, 0 to disable them
setinfo_vgui_menus X Client X = 0 or 1, 0 disables VGUI menus, 1 enables VGUI menus
timeleft Client Tells you how much time is left on the map
votemap x Client x = mapname. eg. votemap de_dust
allow_spectators X Server 1 to allow spectators on the server, 0 to disallow
mp_autokick 1 Server 1 to enable automatic team killer ban/kick, 0 to disable
mp_autoteambalance Server Used for making the teams even, 1=true 0=false
mp_buytime X Server The time players are able to buy, X = value in minutes
mp_c4timer 45 Server Controls the explode time for C4 (seconds)
mp_chasecam 0 Server Observers are limited to chase cam
mp_fadetoblack 1 Server Enables black screen when a player dies, making it impossible to ghost
mp_flashlight 0 Server Set to 1 to enable the use of flashlights, 0 to disable
mp_footsteps 0 Server Set to 1 to enable footsteps, 0 to disable
mp_forcechasecam 0/1/2 Server Setting this to 1 will force chasecam to be teammate only, 2 = no chase at all and 0 = chase all
mp_freezetime x Server X (value) = Time players are freezed in the round start
mp_friendlyfire 0 Server 1 to enable friendly fire, 0 to disable
mp_hostagepenalty X Server X = max. number of hostages you can kill before the server boots you out... setting this to 0 will shut off this command
mp_limitteams Server Controls how many players one team can have more than the other
mp_logmessages 0/1 Server used for server admins to spit out chat messages in their log files
mp_mapvoteratio X Server The vote ratio required for a map to change. (e.g. 0.6 = 60% of players must vote a map before change)
mp_maxrounds X Server X = maximum number of rounds to be played on a map.
mp_roundtime x Server X (value) = Roundtime in minutes, Minimum 3, Maximum 15
mp_startmoney X Server X = amount of money in the beginning of a map - default is 800
mp_timelimit x Server Sets the time between map rotations. X = minuts
mp_tkpunish 0/1 Server if set to 1, TK'ers will sit out next round
mp_winlimit X Server (X = whole number) Sets the number of rounds a team must win before mapchange. Setting to 0 disables this
sv_sendvelocity 0 Server Set to 1 to enable complex server physics and decals ( for low lag situations), 0 to disable
sv_restartround 0 Server Time for the game to restart, including frags, weapons & money
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