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The Counter-Strike BoxCounter-Strike is a teamplay based MOD (Modification) for the excellent award winning game Half-Life. It features two teams: Terrorists & Counter-Terrorists and CS provides the player with an experience that a trained counter-terrorist unit or terrorist unit goes through. Each team has access to different guns (such as the Sig Commando, Colt M4A1, AK47, different grenades, sniper rifles etc.) and equipment in order to achieve victory.

The three current playmodes included in CS are:

Assasination: The Counter-Terrorists must escort a VIP (played by a various CT) to a certain point, and prevent him from being killed by Terrorist. The VIP will be equipped with a pistol only and therefore depends on his team.

Defusion: A Terrorist starts out with a bomb, which he must plant on one of the target spots (on most maps there's two bombspots). The CT's job is to prevent this, and if the bomb is planted they must defuse it before it explodes. Victory is achieved for the Terrorist if they bomb the target or kill all CT's, and for the CT's when they defuse the bomb, or kill all Terrorists.

Hostage: The Terrorists has taken hostages, and the Counter-Terrorists's must go in and rescue them. Each team can win by killing all opponents, and the CT's also by getting all hostages safely to the rescue point. If the time runs out the Terrorists will be victorious (default 3 minutes).

It's almost impossible to win in Counter-Strike if people don't have the ability to play together as a team. To make things a little easier, both teams can communicate with their teammates through radio messages or by voice if a microphone is available. If used right, this communication can help teams to coordinate attacks, call for backup, and use arranged positions, which eventually could lead to victory.

Counter-Strike is still the most popular online game in the entire world even though it's more than three years old and build on an old graphics engine. The very first Counter-Strike beta was released june 19, 1999 and the 9th of november 2000 version 1.0 of CS was released, which was the first release to leave the beta stages and become available in stores as well. Since the beginning it has been possible to enjoy the world of CS without paying too, because every release is available for public download. If you want to download CS go to our Download section.

The original team behind CS consists of Cliffe & Gooseman. Gooseman performs the duties of Project leader, Head modeler, Head coder, and Head-job (among other jobs) on the CS Team, and has earlier worked on popular MODs for the Quake series. Cliffe's main responsibilities include Shipping Manager, 2d-graphics, PR, QA, various sound effects, game design, and whatever else needs to be done. The 12th of April, 2000 Valve and the CS Team announced a partnership and Valve Software has the primary influence on the further development of the game today.

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