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 Counter-Strike Items

Cost: $200
The flashbang blinds people, and is a great tactical weapon. Throw it into an area with awaiting enemies before rushing in. But be careful not to blind your teammates!

High Explosive Grenade
HE Grenade
Cost: $300
This grenade is very effective, and can do a lot of damage. It's very usefull in the begin- ning of a map, when you know a bunch of enemies is around the corner, or late in the round where most enemies are already injured.

Smoke Gas Grenade
Smoke Grenade
Cost: $300
Should be used when your team has to enter a building with need of cover (e.g Assault).
Note: Causes lag on old computers.

Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Vest (+helmet)
Cost: $650/1000
If you have the money, buy it! It will make you able to take slightly more damage.

Defuser Pack
Defuser Pack
Cost: $200
$200 is not much for this one. It heavily increases the speed when defusing a bomb. When a CT with a defuse kit dies it will lie on the ground and can be picked up by a teammate.

C4 Explosives
C4 Explosives
Cost: $0
Given to a Terrorist in the beginning of a defuse map. Must be planted on the red marks.

C4 Backpack
C4 Backpack
Cost: $0
Look for the Terrorist with this on his back (or see the scoreboard) - he has the bomb. If he dies the backpack will lie on the ground and can be picked up by another Terrorist.
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